Princess Polly has been producing fashion-forward, trend-driven garments and accessories for over ten years, having started as an online powerhouse in the Australian retail scene in 2010. They are global player as part of A.K.A Brands, having offices in Los Angeles and the Gold Coast, Australia.

The ideal applicant will be social media obsessed, have the ability to manage end-to-end global social media campaigns, and be confident in their ability to ideate, execute, and produce excellent outcomes, with a major focus on growth, strategy, analytics, and brand storytelling.

Princess Polly aspired to attain digital dominance as the company grew, which was a particularly difficult task given the severe rivalry in the fashion business.

Princess Polly made certain that its growing fan following had somewhere to enjoy their newfound enthusiasm. The company also placed a wager on micro influencers, a group that has recently proven to be highly effective for marketers of all stripes. Because today’s consumer receives most of their fashion and shopping inspiration from social media and influencers they genuinely follow, Princess Polly able to develop trust and relatability in customers.

Using influencer marketing and brand collaborations, built massive street cred leveraging:

Princess Polly is a major online women’s apparel shop with a rapidly expanding customer base in Australia and around the world. Every week, they add over 100 new styles to their stores, making it easier than ever to stay fashionable.

Thousands of ladies all over the world have fallen in love with the brand because of their bold personality and stunning attire. Princess Polly originated on the Gold Coast, Australia’s beaches, and has grown to become a prominent, 100 percent independently-owned retailer with a global reach.

In the intensely competitive fashion industry, Princess Polly’s level of digital dominance is no simple task. Princess Polly’s internet marketing techniques and tools, as well as how they recruit, convert, and keep customers.

Influencer marketing and brand collaborations have been one of Princess Polly’s main assets in their customer acquisition strategy. If you search for Princess Polly on YouTube, you’ll find a slew of ‘princess polly haul’ videos with hundreds of thousands of views.

Princess Polly has been able to reach a wider audience and build their customer base through social media and influencer marketing than they could have done through their traditional brick and mortar locations.

They’ve used social media networks to get quick feedback before releasing a product, allowing businesses to properly estimate demand for specific product lines and cut expenses on less popular ones.

Princess Polly also collaborates with a number of well-known and important beauty and fashion firms on product launches and photoshoots on a regular basis. This is then shared on the social channels of the cooperating firms, as well as the influencers who model the items and Princess Polly’s. When you consider the thousands of subscribers and fans who follow these channels, Princess Polly has a lot of exposure.

Their social media strategy demonstrates that they understand who their target audience is and how to engage with them:

Princess Polly’s approach to social media is quite effective, given that their target demographic is primarily young ladies in their teens to mid-twenties.

They use the appropriate channels, knowing full well that young women use Snapchat, Tik Tok, Instagram, and Facebook. They update on a weekly basis, releasing new clothing with the help of their own Princess Polly staff and influencers.

Text Ads on Google:

For Google text advertisements, their aim is to target brand-specific keywords or anything that is currently popular, such as “Mom jeans” or “Cord Jacket.” In Princess Polly’s ad language, you can see that price point, timely delivery, and choice are all prevalent USPs.

Including example:

  • You’ll believe you’ve died and gone to heaven in terms of fashion!
  • Now is the time to shop for the sexiest dresses online.
  • Sale, hurry, online only for a limited time
  • Go crazy, sweetie.
  • You’re going to adore these sassy new looks.
  • Now you can find Princess Polly apparel and accessories in a variety of styles.

Millions sales in 3months with SMS:

Princess Polly has developed a strong SMS habit. Their high customer involvement begins with a 43 percent year-over-year increase in subscriber growth from checkout and pop-up subscription sources.

Princess Polly keeps their SMS community engaged with frequent SMS marketing efforts in order to give great client experiences. Princess Polly’s effective engagement strategy has been blasting end-of-month SMS campaigns to their consumers, which has enabled them consistently exceed their revenue targets. From their non-engaged demographic alone, their most recent flash sale promotion produced a 41 percent conversion rate.

The Email Marketing Strategy of Princess Polly

Princess Polly’s emails are primarily price and product-driven, which appeals to their younger target, and they use Klaviyo for their email marketing.

Each email will normally include the following information:

  • The most recent item(s) to purchase
  • Images from a high-quality photoshoot
  • A purchase now, pay later with After pay banner is one of the payment choices available.
  • Free quick shipping and a 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Student discounts are available.
  • Download links for the Princess Polly app
  • When you sign up for Polly Mail on their website, you’ll get a 10% discount right away.

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