OTTO is one of Germany’s most popular online stores. It is a major player in the German e-commerce sector, with headquarters in Hamburg and consumers from towns, rural, and metropolitan areas all throughout Germany.

Whether it’s clothing and fashion, shoes, bags, hardware stores, home ideas, lifestyle products, or multimedia and technology, the otto keeps the entire OTTO online shop in your pocket. Shopping on your phone has never been easier.

On the OTTO Marketplace, you’ll find these product categories.

  • Kitchen & Housewares, Lamps & Lighting, Furniture, Home Accessories & Decoration, and Home Textiles are subcategories of Home & Living (incl. Mattresses)
  • Accessories, Beauty, Clothing, Erotic, Suitcases & Bags, Jewelry, Shoes, and Watches are sections of Fashion & Lifestyle.
  • Office Supplies, Electronics, Household Electronics, Media, Software, and Technology Accessories are subcategories of Technology & Media.
  • Baby Accessories, Craft & School Supplies, Musical Instruments, Toys, Sports Equipment & Outdoor, Bicycles & Accessories are all subcategories under Sports & Leisure.
  • Garden & DIY is divided into subcategories such as DIY, Garden, and Pet Supplies.


Shop online today to have access to the whole collection and all leading brands.

Fashion labels such as Esprit, Adidas, Mango, and Nike offer clothing, shoes, and sneakers that are ideal for sports training and workouts.

Electronics from Microsoft, Apple, Samsung, Bose, and Sonos are available for purchase.In the shopping app, you may find current SALE, offers, deals, and bargains such as Black Friday.

Find information about the latest fashion trends, apparel, fashion styles, or an entire outfit.Do you have a sneaker addiction? Sneakers for sports training and workouts at home Find living room ideas and decorations, such as mirrors for décor and living rooms.Find and purchase gifts for all occasions.The is your personal room and kitchen planner for designing your home, outfitting your room, and furnishing your apartment.

Women’s clothes in a variety of styles

In terms of jeans, OTTO’s current drainpipe jeans in popular colours like dark green or violet, as well as skin-tight slim-fit models in dark denim or blue stone, are at the cutting edge of fashion. The OTTO Shop has exquisite pleated and body-form trousers with stretch in a variety of colours and cuts for everyone who wears elegant trousers with a business blazer. Pleated pants, tight skirts, chinos, or printed-look trousers can be mixed and matched with beautiful essentials like silk shirts to create both business and informal outfits. Wear it with warm sweaters or stylish vests to stay not just fashionable but also warm.Exclusive blazers or jackets are a great way to finish off a creative outfit. Tight denim jackets, quilted jackets, and sporty soft shell jackets are just as fashionable as models made of high-quality materials such as leather or fake leather and wool. Last but not least, make yourself happy with the correct accessories: the collection is as different as your personality, and you’re sure to find one or the other – whether it’s jewellery, a belt, or a handbag, we’ve got what you need.

OTTO Shop offers women’s apparel on instalments

In nearly uncontrollable quantities, the OTTO Online Shop also provides shoes to match the style of the clothes. High heel pumps and stilettos are saved for grander occasions, while sneakers and ballerinas are outstanding all-rounders for many situations. On hot days, flat sandals and dianettes allow for better air circulation; on cooler days, all of OTTO’s great ankle boots and western boots can finally be worn on the slopes: perfect with leggings, blouses, and hot stretch skirts.Your benefits at OTTO are numerous; when you shop in the online store, you always get a great deal on top brands in high quality. You can pay for your fashion orders in a variety of ways, including invoice, cash on delivery, or partial payment. In the OTTO shop, you have entire freedom to put together your orders at your leisure thanks to secure online purchasing. You’ll also be kept up to date on all deals and new products thanks to the useful newsletter.


Apple, Samsung, Nike, Adidas, Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, Hugo Boss, Esprit, Converse, Mango, Acer, Carrera, LEGO, Bose, GoPro, iRobot, Philips, Sony, Playstation, Sonos, and many other brands are available in the OTTO app.

With the online shop at, you can buy fashion, outfits, shoes, sneakers, furniture & lifestyle, as well as technology & gadgets trends for your home! Take advantage of special offers and promotions, such as on Black Friday!

Create a innovation in fashion industry 

The Otto Group has developed and tested innovative online concepts for a wide range of target groups with a wide range of assortments over the last 20 years, primarily in the Fashion and Lifestyle areas. betting on the democratisation of e-commerce and committing content and technological development to the community’s vast creative power. On the platform, content suppliers, developers, brand suppliers, and other creative minds are building new technical and content concepts, allowing for new ways to access fashion.

Transform digital platform 

The digital transition offers us with new difficulties on a regular basis. This isn’t something new for the Otto Group, it’s an important part of business model. examine and develop existing business models on a regular basis. This is especially true for those of  multichannel businesses that started out as mail-order or over-the-counter retailers. There are almost 30 retail brands in total, including OTT,with value-oriented growth and substantial client bases.  transforming the brand into e-commerce businesses with the purpose of establishing a network of sales channels that provide customers with a genuine shopping experience everywhere and at any time.

Presence, reach, and a great image – a sales guarantee

In Germany, OTTO is a household name. Everyone, young and old, is familiar with the four red capital letters that make up the trademark. The company understands how to convey this brand and the image associated with it in a current,market-appropriate manner, and it places a high value on customer service. This is undoubtedly favourably received by German online buyers.

Focusing on the German market is solely focused on the German market. For merchants, this is obvious in the upkeep of product data, for example. The good search algorithm on is quite likely to find those who retain features and qualities correctly and in depth. Furthermore, German retailers profit from the concentration on German target groups.

Product promotion beyond the OTTO market

Offering products on a well-known marketplace while also attracting attention outside the marketplace’s limits through online advertising is a tried-and-true recipe for e-commerce success. has realised this and provides first-hand marketing strategies to its marketplace retailers. For example, at the request of shops, the company instals online banner adverts on various portals and aggressively promotes their products. This has the advantage of associating the products with OTTO’s favourable image.

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