Take the solo traveller inside you on a vacation with Emirates flights

You went through that influencer’s social media post about solo travelling and thought to yourself, exactly how can a person travel solo and enjoy the trip along with it. Travelling solo instils confidence as you explore new cities, build conversations with strangers, and it helps you become independent and more aware about things you wouldn’t be if you travelled with a group. It gives you a sense of self-responsibility and in fact travelling alone is more enjoyable than you think.

It is your own personal journey that can later be shared with people. It also opens doors for you to meet new people and create new connections. Many solo travellers from home with tons of inspiring stories from strangers they happen to meet during their journey. But, solo travelling is enjoyable only when you plan your comfort and convenience in advance. The first thing you need for a great travelling experience is a trustworthy flight. Which is why you should choose Emirates. Book your tickets with Emirates for the most comfortable and carefree journey to your desired destination now!

Here are a few locations one can travel solo to at least once in their lifetime.

1. Argentina

Argentina is widely known for wine, art, and spectacular mountains. This country receives millions of tourists and visitors every year. Anyone who visits Argentina fills their journey with nature, culture, traditional fantastic food, and good wine.

If you are in Argentina, you should put Buenos Aires on your list. In fact, many note Argentina as the ‘Paris of the south’. It is also the capital of Argentina. You might be scared to explore a foreign destination like Argentina, but once you travel to Argentina with Emirates flight, all your worries would end. Book your flight today online with Emirates.

2. Canada

They say that Canadians are the friendliest people ever, so why not make great friends with a bunch of them on your solo vacation. The country is known for its beauty and magnificence. You can go hiking once you visit the Canadian Rockies; apparently it has a lot to offer. Whether it’s the beauty of nature or the mountains. It is one of the most serene places for you to explore.

Not only that, you can also watch the stars by staying one night at the Alpine huts.
So pack your bags and Fly with Emirates to Canada on your solo journey to experience the beauty of Canada.

3. United States

If you are not from the United States, chances are that it is one country which has always been on your “must-visit” list. We all have been in absolute awe whenever we look at those locations in those American television series. From cities like New York to Los Angeles, there is a city for every solo traveller in the United States.

Also, let’s not forget the major attractions of the United States, which include the Grand Canyon, White House, and Statue of Liberty. To get an amazing solo journey filled with comfort, memories and exploration, book your flights to the United States with Emirates

4. Lebanon

This location is a little offbeat but totally worth the trip. Lebanon is a country with huge achievements in regional music. It has ancient Roman ruins and castles. It also has ancient churches and mosques, and its Mediterranean sea has a number of beautiful beaches. Along with that, it also has fantastic cuisine and a nightlife that doesn’t stop.

It is a perfect destination for those who are looking to explore and go on adventures all alone. Which is why you should book your flight tickets now for Lebanon with Emirates. 

5. France

This ones definitely a little expensive one, but totally worth the hype. Travel to the lands of the most romanticised country, and come home with tons of memories. Some of the major attractions of France are the Eiffel tower, Mont Saint-Michel, Château de Versailles and many more.

Not only for its locations, but France is also famous for its history and cuisine. Explore the city of Paris, Marseille, Lyon, and several more by travelling with Emirates

6. Germany

It is a country which has an interesting history, narration of which is done by its magnificent architecture, palaces, and monuments. Germany has a wide range of tourist spots to offer its visitors. Some of the tourist attractions in Germany include: Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate, The Black Forest, The Ultimate Fairytale Castle and many more.

Book your flight today to explore the culture and history of Germany and get introduced to the best tourist attractions by travelling to Germany with Emirates.

These locations are completely safe and secure for travel. That said, there are numerous other locations you can explore and gain tons of memories of travelling solo too.

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