10 Beauty Secrets From Professionals to Make You Look Like a Pro

What would it be like to look as amazing as a celebrity? What if there were simple tricks that could help you look like a pro with your makeup? Professional makeup artists have discovered their own secrets and we’re sharing them with you. These 10 beauty secrets will take the guesswork out of looking beautiful. 

Nicer skin

Professional makeup artists all agree that if you want to look like a pro, it starts with beautiful, flawless skin. If your foundation looks dry and cakey or doesn’t blend well in natural light, no amount of concealer will save you. You need great products at the right price point but even more importantly good prep work.

Clean brushes

The next beauty secret comes from professional makeup artist, Mally Roncal who says to clean your brushes regularly and you can’t just use any old cleanser either. “When cleaning the brush it is important that you are using a good cleanser for your skin type rather than dish soap or shampoo.” 

Less is more

When you’re a professional working on multiple clients in a day, your goal is to make every client look as natural as possible. Bringing those skills home doesn’t mean going overboard with the makeup but instead applying it better and not wasting product by having too much on the brush or sponge when applying. 

PS- Professional makeup artist, Jessie Vartanian says another mistake women make at home is not blending well. “It’s important to blend your foundation and concealer perfectly with a creamy clean sponge or brush.” Being able to see the difference between where one layer starts and stops will result in an airbrushed look that professional women know how to do well.

Use primer

One of the most important beauty secrets is using a great primer like Mally’s Face Defender which creates an even canvas, especially for hot summer days when your makeup may melt off or if you have oily skin. 

Color correct

You don’t need expensive products to achieve professional looks. Jessie Vartanian says, “I love an affordable product that is easy to find and gives amazing results like Mary Kay’s Color Correcting Primer.” This evens out your skin tone for a flawless finish every time!

Fix problem areas

How many times have you applied foundation all over but still had trouble with redness or blemishes? Jessica Von Braun of Be a Bombshell Cosmetics says to use a green color corrector for redness and purple if you have sallow skin.

Line your eyes

Professional makeup artists always line the eyes because it not only defines them but makes them appear bigger, brighter, and more awake which is exactly what we all want when we’re dragging in the morning. 

Don’t forget your lips

A pop of color on your lips can go a long way towards making you look like a pro! Professional makeup artists love to use lip pencils and they don’t need to be expensive either, Jessica Von Braun says “I feel that NYX is an amazing line for exceptional lip pencils. NYX offers a huge variety of colors for every skin tone and type.”

Know your face

Professional makeup artists understand that everyone’s faces are different so the best results come from matching foundation to your undertones rather than just choosing one color size up as most women do at home. 

PS- To get an even skin tone, start with your nose and blend out towards the hairline.


Last but not least is something that every woman should do no matter how much makeup she’s wearing or if her face looks flawless already because it will result in a natural glowing look. Professional makeup artists never leave home without their smiles! 

No one wants to look like a complete amateur when it comes to makeup. And while you might not be able to get the exact same looks as some of your favorite celebrities, there are lots of professional tricks and tips that can make all the difference between looking good and looking great – even for beginners! If you’re ready to give yourself that extra bit of oomph, read on for additional tips from some of the best in the business.

  • Use a pencil to shape your eyebrows – all over! 
  • Curl eyelashes before applying mascara 
  • Take off makeup with an oil cleanser instead of soap or chemicals 
  • Prep skin with primer and set it with powder 
  • Use lip liner before applying lipstick to keep it looking fresh all day!

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