Beauty for Beginners: 14 Beauty Tips for Beginners

Hey you, beauty lover who is a beginner!

Well, maybe you’re not a beginner any longer. Maybe you’ve been into makeup for a couple of months now and have even started to explore blogs and vlogs/vids. However long it has been, you probably still feel like there are so many things that you don’t know about!

If you do, we are going to share a few beauty tips that We’ve picked up along the way. These are all practical and easy to follow – let’s start there!

OH & We’ve also picked a mix of makeup-related and skincare-related points that will hopefully help to break down any barrier of entry for you. So without further ado, We are going to get stuck in with the tips!

Take good care of your brushes!

A sturdy brush is essential to makeup so it makes sense that if you want your tools to last then you need to show them some love. Not only does washing your brushes help to prevent breakouts (We know that’s your main concern) but it also helps the bristles to last longer.


LUSH Ultrabland Cleanser is super gentle yet effective, and you only need about the size of a pea.

If you want something more accessible then try Johnson’s Baby Shampoo.

And the best part is that you can use these two in combination for double-cleansing. We know, it’s pretty incredible.

Invest in good makeup sponges.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that because there are some very affordable makeup sponges out there then they will do the job just as well as pricier ones…

Here’s the thing: good makeup sponges are dense enough to pick up the product, but still soft enough that they don’t absorb it. If you’re not willing to splash out on a Beauty Blender then try one of the many dupes on the market!

Don’t be afraid of looking too made-up.

Don’t be afraid of looking too made-up! One of the best things about makeup is that it can create different looks for you, and one of those can be ‘super ultra glam’ where you are wearing a lot of products.

Now, We know that’s way out of your comfort zone but don’t worry – We’re not asking you to go for this look every single day.

If you are wanting to experiment with more makeup, then start by asking your friends or watching some YouTube videos that show you how to apply products in a way that doesn’t look OTT or trashy.

Ditch the highlighter in your beauty routine.

Unless you are going for a very specific look (like prom, which We definitely don’t recommend for beginners).

“But I want that glow!” go the cries of many newbies. We get it – highlighters tend to give skin that healthy ‘lit from within’ glow and you’re probably eager to achieve it.

However, the problem is that most highlighters are way too sparkly for day wear, which means you can’t really wear it in an office or school setting. A better alternative would be to actually use your bronzer/contour shade with a light dusting of matte powder on top so it mattifies your look further.

But don’t ditch it completely.

Having said that, you should definitely add a highlighter to your day-to-day routine when going out in the evenings/weekends.

The reason being is that a good dose of shimmer on the top of cheekbones and down the bridge of your nose can help to elongate your face and accentuate the shape of your features – two things that are essential for making yourself look ‘done’ without needing to wear a full face of makeup.

If you want to recreate a specific look.

That you’ve seen on Instagram or YouTube, then start by watching videos using similar products at around the same time of day.

For example, if it’s a contoured look that you want to re-create then search for videos using your chosen products at around the same time of day as the original picture – i.e., if the picture was taken during the late afternoon or early evening, then watch a video with similar lighting and conditions. What this will do is give you an idea of what the makeup will look like on your face – i.e., how much contouring it will really show up as, and whether or not those flushed cheeks will actually suit you.

Learn to master a cat-eye.

With liquid eyeliner instead of a pencil! Although pencils are easier to perfect (in some ways), liquid/gel eyeliner is way more transfer-proof and longer-lasting.

Now, the first time you attempt this look will be a learning process – we’re not expecting it to turn out as good as those that you see on Instagram, but do remember that practice makes perfect! Start by practicing on your hand (below the knuckles) and when you feel like you’ve got this down, start practicing on your eyes.

Get to know your eyebrow shape.

And do not be afraid of filling in gaps in your eyebrows with a pencil or powder! If you want to get an idea of what shapes will look good on your face, then take a look at your hairline and natural eyebrow arch (if you do not have much of an arch, then start by drawing in where that would be) – what you should end up with is two points on both sides of the face.

Now, We know it can feel weird to actually draw pencil lines across your face but you’ll be surprised how much of a difference it makes to the overall look of your makeup.

Get your brows to match by third-party means.

i.e., don’t start plucking them yourself! If you are unsure about taking tweezers to your face, then invest in a brow stencil kit. These are pretty inexpensive and will help you achieve the exact shape of eyebrow that you want so you can fill it in with powder or pencil.

Use a tool to get your inner eye.

As clean as possible before you apply eyeshadow! Cleaning up the area will help you achieve a more even coverage and it’s also super easy to do – all you need is an angled liner brush and some concealer.

Here, We recommend dotting the concealer underneath your lower lash line and on any blemishes, you may have on your eye. Then use an angled liner brush or a clean finger to just blend it in before applying eyeshadow over the top.

Use a pencil to get perfect winged eyeliner.

Instead of a liquid/gel! Although liquid eyeliners are great for achieving a precise line, they can easily go wrong and end up looking messy. A pencil liner however is super easy to use because you can erase any mistakes you made straight away with a cotton bud or an angled brush with some makeup remover on it.

Follow the steps above to get your perfect cat-eye and then connect the end of your wing to your liner (not too close that it starts running into the eye though).

Stop wasting product by making this one easy step.

Before you apply eyeshadow, use tape! Although this may sound stupid, taping under your eyes before applying your winged eyeliner will mean you don’t waste any product.

Why? Because if you make a mistake and let it run onto your eyelid, then you will need to use cotton buds/makeup remover to fix it. However, if you tape it before applying your liner, the product won’t go anywhere until you’re ready for it, and when you take off the tape it’ll be easy to just rub off the little bit that went on your skin.

Remove your mascara with an oil-based remover.

To save time and water! Waterproof mascara is great for taking swimming, but if you want an easy way of removing it, then use a little bit of olive oil (or any other cooking oil for that matter).

Apply some oil to a cotton bud and then hold it over your lashes for around 30 seconds. Then, simply wipe the oil off with another cotton bud. This way, you can say goodbye to those pesky waterproof mascaras forever!

Don’t get caught out with the wrong shade of foundation.

And find your perfect match! Getting a shade that is too light or dark can be super obvious and more often than not, you end up looking like you’ve got a fake tan. To avoid this happening to you, take a look at some tutorials on YouTube (that are relevant to your skin tone) and buy some tester cards.

There you have it! These were the top 14 beauty tips for beginners (in our opinion, anyway). If you follow these steps, then we promise that applying makeup will become easy AF.

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