Fond of reading fiction? Here are new releases from the book depository that you should check out!

The most common reason why people love reading is because reading helps you distract your mind from the monotony of life. Also, books can help a person distract their mind from the stressful conditions of the world. Now, you may wonder why bookworms dive into the sea of books and keep doing so for the rest of their lives. Well, it has to do with the habit of reading. Reading is the opium of the bookworms, just like how Marx believed that religion is the opium of the people. While he meant that statement in a negative way, the statement for bookworms only helps them enlighten their minds with this habit. Through reading, the readers are distracted from stressful worries and are mentally transported to a world full of imagination.

There are many people who are fond of reading, buying books, storing books, etc. If you are also one of them, or you are in the process of becoming one, then the Book Depository is the right place for you! Induce happiness and aggravate your stress through the books you find on this platform. Pick the best one as per the book review you read online on their website. Keep yourself away from your never-ending life problems for a while!

New releases from the Book Depository

Here are some of the best new releases from the platform of Book Depository which you should add to your read-list today!

1. The Dark Hours

It is indeed interesting to note that whenever one reads a detective story, it is because they want to read something which offers not only suspense, but also a sense of vicarious satisfaction inside themselves. Not only that, they like the thrill they get from reading detective stories because while reading it their mind races through the plot for clues with the detectives. If you are fond of crime and thriller novels too, then this new release, The Dark Hours : The Brand New Blockbuster Ballard & Bosch Thriller from Book Depository, will keep you hooked for hours. From the author Michael Connelly, this book offers everything the crime and thriller genre lovers need for a weekend read!

2. Anatomy of a Scandal

If Netflix grabs a book’s story to make a series, this means it’s gripping and everything you need on that long weekend. While the series is a commendable piece from Netflix’s end, the book is the original crux and will always be. Anatomy of a Scandal is indeed a compelling and cautionary tale which emphasises entirely on why one can never truly know what’s beneath the surface of the personality that people wear for others. That said, it also emphasises on how a wife might not know anything about her husband even after years of being together with each other. As you turn the pages of this book, the plot grows on you. If you think this story might interest you, then you should definitely get Anatomy of a Scandal from the Book Depository today!

3. Six Days In Rome

Travelling, indeed, is pleasant in the mind and eyes! But do you know what else is pleasant in the mind and eyes, it’s reading about the experiences of a traveller of Rome! Indeed, the book Six Days In Rome from Book Depository is decadent, deeply evocative, and everything you need for a refreshing read. It is based on a young artist who travels to Rome in order to heal a broken heart, wherein the artist has to go through several phases like loneliness and intimacy, rage and desire, etc. The book represents the theme of unpredictability and a clear discussion of emotions which are deep buried inside us. This book will also help you reflect on several aspects of your life too. If you think this read should make it to your reading list, then perhaps the best place to get Six Days In Rome is from the Book Depository.

4. Beautiful

If you are a bookworm, then chances are you already own several books written by the author Danielle Steel. Also, if not, then you must have at least got them as a gift. Indeed, she has a huge fan base due to her glamorous tales of love and heartbreak which are quite relatable to her readers. Along with that, fans love almost every book that is published by her on the market. Well, if you are among one of them, then another best-selling new release from Danielle Steel’s beautiful should be your next read! If you are looking for a storyline involving drama, plots, and so much more, then you should get Beautiful from Book Depository today!

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