Checkout the 2022 collection of Stradivarius

Have you been looking for a fashionable and trendy collection from a clothing brand? Well, end all your confusion with stradivarius’s new collection of clothing items you cannot miss. It’s true, whether it’s summer, spring, autumn or winter, women can never have enough clothes to put a stop to shopping. It is an unavoidable guilty pleasure for women, which is hard to limit.

So why wait, when you can browse through the various trendy and fashionable clothing on Stradivarius. Shop their newest collection today and add high-end fashionable clothing to your cart. 

Top picks from the newest collection of Stradivarius

1. High heel sandals with tied straps

You know what they say that life is short but your heels shouldn’t be, everyone agrees. Own these high heel sandals with tied straps from Stradivarius today to make an impression at that upcoming event. These are available in three different colours: Black, Ecru, and red. The high heels are designed with various straps on the front of the sandals. It has an ankle strap fastening. The insoles of the sandals are of the same shade giving it an elegant look. 

2. Textured wrap short dress

Sometimes when you are completely confused about which outfit to buy for that upcoming party or event, a textured wrap short dress from Stradivarius is the right path to go down to. What’s more? The dress is short-sleeved and has a collar giving it a sophisticated look. Along with that, there is a featuring button fastening on the front with an adorable crossover detail on the waist. Do not miss out on this one!


3. Twill dungarees

Can dungarees ever stop being the most timeless piece of clothing? Well, Stradivarius doesn’t think so! Get these Twill dungarees with a straight neckline and thin straps. Along with that the dungaree has patch pockets on the chest, and also on front and back. The bottom of the dungaree is a straight leg and the dungaree also has side fastening with metal buttons. It comes in an adorable color: bubblegum pink

4. Double-breasted blazer

Can a formal party or event go without someone making a fashion statement with a blazer? Become that someone by shopping this elegant Double-breasted blazer in several colours at Stradivarius! The blazer has long sleeves and lapel collars. One of its outstanding features is its flap pockets and double breasted fastening. Not only that but it also comes with buttoned cuffs.

5. Strappy wrap top

When in doubt wear a strappy wrap top! Pick your favourite from the variety of colours offered by Stradivarius for this strappy wrap top. It has a top with a crossover neckline on the front and thin straps. Pair it with straight fit denims or high-waist denims, this strappy wrap top can be paired with any kind of denims. Check it out online on Stradivarius website or visit your nearby stores.

Find the newest collection by Stradivarius at the most reasonable prices and enhance your wardrobe collection today!

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